Risk and Safety Management for Engineers: Risk Analysis

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This course will give an overview of a number of risk assessment techniques including Bowtie, Fault Trees, QRA, frequency assessment, consequence assessment and Risk Assessment Matrix. The course also explores human factors, human failures and human factors engineering and integration with example case studies from various industries. The course discusses what Functional Safety is and the ideas behind using LOPA and SIL for risk reduction. Finally, it explains how major accident scenarios affecting the environment are identified, and how their risks are assessed, ranked, and managed.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Apply risk assessment techniques (e.g. Bowtie, QRA, Risk Assessment Matrix, HFE, LOPA, SIL), and better understand assessments carried out by others
  • Define and differentiate between Human Factors, Human Factors Engineering and Human Factors Integration
  • Give examples of case studies where human failure contributed to a major accident
  • Understand the basic process of risk management
  • Explain by reference to past incidents the environmental risk from major accidents